MPP Power

Developed for energy potential analysis of low power photovoltaic modules


  • 16-bit measurement for Voltage and Current
  • 2 software selectable Voltage ranges 6 V and 25 V (voltage operation can be adjusted)
  • Current measurement down to 500nA and up to 10A in 4 decadic measurement
  • 25 W continuous operation (higher ratings are possible but require larger cooling aggregates and therefore space)
  • Resistor setting is 12-bit (16-bit on request) and ranges from 500 mOhm to 200k (can be adjusted, if required)
  • PT100 or PT1000 inputs
  • Irradiation sensor inputs for calibrated reference cells
  • Pyranometer inputs possible
  • Connectors as defined by customer
  • Setup is built into an electrical enclosure on Din Rails – Outdoor options are available including climate control for moisture and temperature handling over the year
  • Access to system via Network, VPN is possible
  • Cameras are recommended in module to sky direction for weather and sun documentation and looking on the modules allowing to protocol other artefacts like dust, insects, snails, snow, icing – this is often helpful, as the reference cells are not exactly at the same positions as the modules


  • Linux based Single Board Computer
  • Electronic loads for tracking (Up to 20 per system unit)


  • Parallel tracking on all channels
  • Channel based configuration
  • Output to CSV and InfluxDB-Database
  • Other network based systems can be attached to MQTT
  • Tracking is software based
  • Autoranging / Divide and conquer (Step from large resistor values in 10k, 1k, 100R steps to reach MPP. Recommended for outdoor degredation studies as the MPP is approached each cycle)
  • Constant current / voltage
  • Perturb and Observe
  • IV scan in 4th Quadrant
  • Others and own approaches are possible
  • Values that can be acquired: Voc (@ Rmax), Isc(@ Rmin), Impp, Vmpp, Pmpp, FF, Efficiency (if reference cell or pyranometer is used), Temperature


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