Transient Measurement Unit (TMU)

IV, TPV, TPC, CE, (Photo-)CELIV - Semiconductor characterization for thin film solar cells

Transient Measurement Unit TPV frontal open

Measurement Modes

  • IV – Steady state Current-Voltage characteristics
  • TPV / TPC – Transient Photo Voltage / Current
  • CE – Charge Extraction
  • (Photo-)CELIV – Charge Extraction by Linearly Increasing Voltage

Enabling the customer to determine values for charge carrier lifetime, density and mobility of thin film devices.


  • Semiconductor characterization
  • Measurement of every relevant solar cell parameter
  • Know your device limitations – Improve your devices
  • Study ageing behavior

Key features

  • Customized sample holders
  • Glovebox integration possible
  • Parameter extraction software modules
  • Modular setup using high quality instruments
  • Software controlled switching between measurement modes and contacts
  • Sample excitation with laser pulses ≥ 20 ns
  • Selectable laser (405nm, 520nm, 635nm, 785nm) up to 100 mW
  • Power-LED backlight (up to 2000 W/m²)
  • Voltage range:  +/- 21 V
  • Parameter extraction software modules
  • Database integration possible

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Art. No. Description
TMU Transient Measurement Unit
OB Optical box size 600x450x300 mm3 for high flexibility
SOB Small optical box 250x250x500 mm³ for glovebox integration
X-Lyyy-zz mW Laser diode No. X with wavelength yyy nm and zz mW maximum power (Laser No.1 is the main laser – up to 3 lasers possible)
MP Multiplexer for automatic measurements of substrates with more than 1 contact – 8 channels standard
EC Environmental chamber for keeping the sample in nitrogen atmosphere during measurement. Maximum sample size 75×75 mm².
ECQG Environmental chamber with quartz glass window