Combined and Customized Laser Beam Induced Current, Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Setups


Applications and functions

  • Fast and reliable photocurrent mapping with highest resolution
  • In-depth defect detection, visualization and identification  – shunts, coating defects, localize inactive regions
  • Study degradation effects
  • Quality control tool
  • A laser beam scans the sample and the excited photocurrent is measured and the spectrally resolved luminescence is simultaneously detected
  • Electrical excitation for electroluminescence measurements
  • Different (multiple) laser wavelengths available
  • Up to 300×300 mm² scanning area
  • Mapping of all kinds of solar technologies: Perovskite, Organic, Silicon, CIGS, CdTE, …


  • Different laser choices
  • Laser check for beam circularity
  • Versatile sample holder
  • Easy to use control software with data export
  • Different detector options for luminescence measurements, optimized to application and budget

See also

PL/EL Options

Art. No. Description
PL PL Upgrade – high quality detector system optimized for each application from 200-1700 nm
EL EL Upgrade (PL option required)
FC Fiber bundle connector for using the detector system with other inputs

LBIC Options

Art. No. Description
LBIC LBIC system with optical isolator for laser protection
X-Lyyy-zz mW Laser No. X with wavelength yyy nm and zz mW maximum power (laser No. 1 is main laser – up to 3 lasers possible)
LC Laser check for beam circularity
HR High resolution option – 10x magnification objective
PM Power meter for measuring and observing the laser intensity during measurement
MP Multiplexer for automatic measurements of substrates with more than 1 contact – 8 channels standard
EC Environmental chamber to keep the sample in nitrogen atmosphere during measurement. Maximum sample size 50×50 mm²
ECQG Environmental chamber with quartz glass window (recommended for PL/EL)
SA50 50×50 mm² scan area
SA100 100×100 mm² scan area
SA150 150×150 mm² scan area
SA300 300×300 mm² scan area